Water, over



I own more things than I know. Most of them are useless to me. Otherwise I’d likely know about them. For some reason I don’t toss them either. That’s not what this was supposed to be about though.

The thing below might be the best thing I own. Because it takes me to places like in the photo. Or, to not make a person out of the thing, I use it to get to places. Not enough, which is also not the point (or is it?) but when I do the repetitive movement of pedalling turns into a gigantic thought experiment. Without a goal, a start or an end really, but one that runs its own course through whatever it might encounter, ups and downs, like a proper rollercoaster. And when I get home I’m always lighter than when I left. With some pics on the memory card.


I wrote that I would make a postcard series from the capital. And that this one could be called Romanticizer. I liked the title. And, for what it’s worth, the idea to make a postcard series from the capital. Still do. I just need to haul my ass over there and photograph some more.

And the photograph. In fact I’m more fond of this photograph than most others that I’ve made in the last few years. The subject matter appeals to me and all, so do the colours, but there is pain in it and that is the pair of claws that refuse to let go.



Must. Do.

Can’t go on doing nothing. So, must do something. Even if the answer to the but why? is nowhere in sight.

And since not only the but why? but also the what? and how? are unanswered I’ll start by a photo or two a day. Might be my face, or someone else’s face, or not a face at all. Might be new, or old, or something in between. Might be accompanied by a few words, might not. Or the other way around, depending on the condition. Or even recycled from the old posts that I didn’t delete last time this site went down but reduced to a state of draft.

So here’s a photograph.